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South Indian Dosa Varieties for Breakfast

Sep 23 2019 / Madhav

Dosa is one of the most commonly consumed crepes in south India. It is one of the popular breakfast in South Indian along with Idli and Sambar. In south India, many dosa varieties made. These dosas made in so many ways, each dosa varies in proportions of lentils, rice, and beaten rice used. Lentils and rice soaked up to 5-6hours. Then grind with water to make a thick batter and brewed. By using that thick batter, different varieties of dosas will make. Every dosa has its own flavors and a group of admirers. Here we are sharing some dosa varieties.

Plain Dosa


Plain dosa is a soft textured and crisp dosa, Served with chutney and sambar. By using these dosa batter you can prepare idli or uttapam. As per choice you can make the dosa crisp, thin or thick. Every time these are very delicious and healthy dosas, these are best served hot.

Masala Dosa


Masala dosa prepared with dosa batter and potato masala. It is very crisp and served with delicious potato masala. It is called stuffed dosa. By using coconut or peanuts chutney, you can eat masala dosa.

Neer Dosa


Neer dosas are very soft, thin, lacy and light. These dosas made from rice batter, it is very easy to make and brewed is not required. Neer dosa batter making is very easy, I.e soaks the rice for 5hours and then grind it. If the batter is ready, you can start making of neer dosas. You can serve it with veg or non-veg curries.

Ragi Dosa


Ragi dosa is a healthy dosa, it can make like regular dosa. By using ragi batter, you can make Ragi idly also. These dosas are crisp and soft. Who are looking for increasing calcium in their body, for them this dosa is very beneficial.

Set Dosa

Set dosas are very light and spongy dosas. Set dosas served in a set of three per one serving. You can consume it as a breakfast, snack or picnic snack. After five hours of cooking also, these dosas are very soft. You can eat it with dry peanuts powder, sesame chutney, and allam chutney.

Mysore Masala Dosa


Mysore masala dosa is very spicy. It can make with dosa batter, red chillis garlic red chutney, and potato fry. It can consume with sambar and coconut chutney. This dosa is very famous in Bangalore and Mysore.

Rava Dosa


Easy and crispy Rava dosa made from rice flour, semolina, and maida. This dosa does not need any brewed, it is instant Rava dosa. It is very easy to make. And the Rava dosa served with coconut chutney, potato curry, and sambar.

Cheese Dosa


It is easy and variety dosa, made from leftover dosa batter. For preparing cheese dosa, you need dosa batter and cheese. As your choice, you can Garnish on a dosa with veggies and herbs. Use processed cheese for making cheese dosa.

Onion Rava Dosa


Onion Rava Dosa is one of the variety dosa in Rava dosas. It can make with Rava batter and onions. It is a very fast breakfast item. After mixing all ingredients, keep it for fifteen to twenty minutes to ready the batter, then you can make onion Rava dosa. It gives a very good and crispy taste.

Urad Dal Dosa


Urad dal dosa crepes made with split black gram. This dosa is very easy to make, and it does not require brewed for this don’t need rice or rice flour. It is very good for health, and you can serve with sambar, coconut chutney. Serve this urad dal dosas hot, if they cool down it becomes dry.

Egg Dosa


Egg dosa is one of the popular dosa in south India. Many people love to eat this egg dosa. It can make with dosa batter, then top garnish with egg and other ingredients. You can consume it as a breakfast, meal, or snack item.

Oats Dosa


Oats dosai is a crispy and healthy instant dosa. Oats dosa made from oats. This is also one of the fast and instant dosas without brew required. It is a nutritious breakfast, easy and simple to prepare. Anytime you can make it within twenty minutes.

Mini Soya Dosa


Mini soya dosa recipe is good for your diet plans. This dosa made from soya milk and wheat flour. It will give more energy to fill with the goodness of soya milk and wheat flour. It has more fiber and decreases your untimely cravings.

Chana Dosa


Chana dosa made from soaked white chickpeas. For diabetic peoples, this is the best breakfast. These are good for kids also because it is high in protein.

Wheat Dosa


Wheat dosa is also known as atta dosa. It is an instant dosa, made with wheat flour or atta, onion, spices, and herbs. It takes less time to prepare and a very easy recipe. You just need to mix all the ingredients and allow the batter to sit 20minutes, then make crispy wheat dosa.