Top 10 Healthy Summer Foods in India to Overcome Heat

March 23 2020 / Madhav

Healthy Summer foods that helps you beat the heat and replenish much-required energy to sail through the summer.Consuming water-based fruits helps you retain the water. Besides consuming fruits also helps to balance out sugar and sodium levels in the body.

In the blink of an eye, Summer's already around the corner. With the heat increasing year-on-year, it's a must that you should keep a track to beat the summer's heat.

It's the time of the year, where fluids drain out as fast as you consume them. With a lot of sweating, you will also end up losing the essential sodium and sugar through sweat. Hence, having a balanced, healthy, and water-rich diet becomes more necessary than ever.

We have compiled the top 10 healthy Summer foods that helps you beat the heat and replenish much-required energy to sail through the summer



Consuming water-based fruits helps you retain the water. Besides consuming fruits also helps to balance out sugar and sodium levels in the body. According to Science and age-old practices, Enjoying the seasonal fruits that rule the season helps you royally beat the heat

  • Watermelon: You might have heard people often repeat the phrase- Cool as a cucumber. And so they say it right as well. This water-rich vegetable doesn't need to be consumed raw. You can blend it in the juicer and have cucumber juice and chill out the summer.
  • Mango : Cheapest of all, the green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale have around 80% water content in them. They also help in cooling the body besides hydrating and providing essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Lemon : The root veggies help you control and maintain body temperature. They act as natural agents to remove excess body heat. Use them generously in your food and keep yourself fresh during the months of excess heat.



Veggies are as crucial as fruits in your diet if you want to sail through the summer. Not just summer, having it in the right quantities throughout the year will keep you healthy and fit.
But when it comes to summer, like fruits, there are vegetables rich in water content.

  • Cucumber: Water is already present in its name. So if you are bored of drinking plain water, drink fresh fruit watermelon juice. It quenches your thirst and supplements your body with the essential sodium and sucrose. For variety, add a little mint leaves to the juice, or add in a dash of peppe.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables : Rightly named king of fruits, mango is rich in vitamins and minerals required to breeze through the summer like just any other day. Consume the fruit as it is, or convert it into exciting juice, or smoothie, or shakes to enjoy this amazing.
  • Onion and Garlic : The fruit rich in Vitamin C though not a seasonal fruit, is one of the best cooling agents there is. The lemon juice not only hydrates but also helps boosts immunity and detoxifies the body. Having it in the right quantity will make a lot of difference in adding balance to your diet.

Liquids or Fluids


Yes, we hear you say you are ok with having the juice of veggies and fruits mentioned above. But did you know there are additional water supplements that will support your need to stay hydrated? Let's give you a quick peek into those

  • Coconut Water: The best natural drink is also your go-to energy drink. Filled with essential minerals and natural electrolytes, it helps you cool down quickly when compared to other beverages. A dash of lemon to the coconut water, will not only enhance the taste but will yield good health results. Did you also know that it has cancer-fighting and anti-aging properties?
  • Buttermilk : Buttermilk is made of curd, by adding one part of curd to 8 parts of water. Buttermilk has the right quantities of minerals, probiotics, and vitamins that you can lose due to excessive sweating.

Herbs and Spices

  • Mint: There is no other herb with cooling properties like mint. It not only enhances the taste of the food but also helps cut down excessive body heat. The best part - it can be added to anything like salads, juice, buttermilk, or smoothie, and you will love the freshness that it brings along.
  • Fenugreek Seeds : The fenugreek or the methi seeds are the main spice that acts as instant cooling agents. Soak a teaspoon full of methi seeds overnight in water, and drink the water the next morning. Its water will bring down the body heat drastically. Another alternative to Fenugreek seeds is fennel seeds, which can also be had similarly.

You can mix and blend a few of the above ingredients to find the perfect blend. Enjoy your summer, since it's also a holiday season. Stay hydrated and supplement your nutrition with mentioned fruits, veggies,spices, and herbs. We do not see a reason why you cannot have the most fun-filled upcoming summer. Enjoy the sun and live life to its fullest.

Oh! and if you are fond of other healthy options to beat the summer, do let us know. We will be glad to know more; after all, more knowledge equates to a safer and better summer.

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