A Thought for the Needy and Vulnerable at COVID-19 Crisis

Vindoos picks up an initiative to help the fight against the pandemic, by distributing dry ration packets and other essential food items in nearby localities of Whitefield & Varthur in Bangalore. We hope our contribution help the needy to continue standing against the global pandemic.
Thank you to all Medical Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Cleaners, Microbiologists, and other Healthcare professionals. We are grateful for your hardwork and bravery.
Thanks to our Directors & their families, who gave their time and efforts to bag the massive donation.
Together, we will beat #COVID19.

Client Appreciation

To Vindoos,

Please extend our "THANK YOU" to all your staff, cooks, the procurement staff, delivery staff, serving staff, and all the leadership team.

Cipla, Virgonagar, Bangalore recognize your food catering services during this troublesome COVID-19 area. Vindoos never made us feel that canteen services are of a big concern, you have managed well smoothly.

Daniel Boppuri
Sr. Director, Site Head
Cipla Ltd, Virgonagar

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Our first of its kind food truck in Bangalore is equipped with an enriched menu. Grabbing a cup of tea and hanging out with buddies over hot pakodas is always a good idea and we at Vindoos is ready to reboot your evenings through our food and other refreshments. Park by Vindoos and grab a bite full of nostalgic cravings and thirst because watery mouths always deserves ‘the special’.

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About Our Restaurant Food & Drinks

Our mega kitchen is equipped with an enriched menu of south Indian vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes in different sections. We ensure handpicked organic vegetables and best quality ingredients are assembled to blend them with perfect seasoning in hygienic environment and bring authentic menu to your platter specially missed by the techies far from their home.

Ours secret of taste and success lies with our honesty and dignity to serve you the best and highly nutritious food at your doorstep and we retain it with care.

Our Popular Dishes

Vindoos recipes are available for catering services at your doorstep. Just give us a call so that we can enrich your hangouts with authentic South Indian veg as well as non-veg varieties.

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Our core area of service is at Whitefield but we are just a call away and we also extend our services throughout Bangalore as per our customers requirements.

Catering 10000+ plates daily.


We aspire to be the best food provider by walking hand in hand with you.

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