A. General FAQ

Depending on the size and scope of your event, we typically require a minimum of 48hr to one week’s notice

  1. For Catering: 15 nos

  2. For Buffet Service: 50 nos

  3. For Corporate Catering: 50 nos

  4. For Food Truck: 150 nos

  5. In case the guest count falls below the minimum guarantee, a minimum fee will be charged once agreed

  1. No charge for cancellation made 48 hours or more, prior to the date of reservation.
  1. Packaging and transportation charges will be additional and will vary based on the spread and distance of the delivery location.

  2. Food & Beverages which are not part of the package will be charged additionally

  3. Our charges exclude GST of 5%.

  1. We require a 50% advance payment to confirm the event/ booking.

  2. You may reach out to our executive for the bank details

B. Kitchen HSEQ

The FSSAI license & Food Safety Display Board are displayed at the entrance of the production area.

The medical tests are done for food handlers as per FSSAI norms.

Typhoid and Hepatitis B vaccinations are given to the food handlers.

  1. No glass or brittle plastic objects shall be used in production areas.

  2. Wearing jewelry is not allowed.

  3. Personal Hygiene is checked on a daily basis.

  4. Food Safety.

  5. Maintain Allergen

Co2 fire extinguishers are accessible and kept within the premises.

We segregate wet & dry garbage at all points and bio garbage at the entrance. Dry and Bio garbage is collected by BBMP and the wet garbage is collected from piggery

Tap water is used for cleaning and RO water is used for cooking.

Tap and RO water are tested as per IS 10000:500 every six months.

The used oil is collected by the Enrolled Biodiesel manufacturers.

We store the first expiration/ first In products in the frontline for the daily indent which allows us to maintain the FEFO/FIFO.

As per the in-house policy, the contaminated food will be discarded immediately.

We have deployed a third-party pest control team to monitor the bait stations for rodents, pesto flash for flies and insects, glue pad for lizards and rodents, and gel treatment for cockroaches.

We do dispatch food at the temperature of 5 degrees C to 65 degrees C.

Only industry-approved food-grade chemicals are used for cleaning.

We use food-grade stainless steel vessels and brass vessels.