Our mega kitchen caters to up to 6000 meals per shift. Whether it is a plate or a thousand, we take the same amount of meticulous care for all, starting from sourcing the right ingredients, to the appointment of the right talent with credible expertise, and monitoring the execution from the kitchen to your plate, with no compromise in quality, freshness, or flavour.

Interestingly many of our staff have been trained by the Madame herself, who conceived these recipes in her own kitchen.

Our HSEQ Policy

We have a strict policy and stringent guidelines when it comes to the quality of our kitchen.
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Preparation Methods

Consolidated with solid experience and the power of technology, we can assure that our guests experience our high-quality healthy meals.

  • Nutritious food consulted by our Resident Nutritionist

  • Food testing on a monthly basis

  • Water test – done every quarter

  • Calorie report available on request

  • We strictly do not use Palmoil, Ajinomoto, Vanaspathi

  • All-Natural ingredients for cooking

  • No artificial flavors

  • Less oil is used in the preparations

Sourcing of ingredients

We handpick vegetables and fruits, along with the best quality ingredients from local markets every day to cater specifically to each menu item.