Best Healthy Homemade Refreshing Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Each summer, the temperatures soar high. With increasing heat, we need the best refreshing summer drinks, non-alcoholic in nature, to provide us respite despite the heat and that too, easy to make and homemade, soothing, and cooling drinks for summer.

Like the best winter foods, Vindoos brings you the 7 best refreshing non-alcoholic summer drinks list. 

Best Refreshing and Cooling Summer Drinks List

Below are the seven best easy summer drinks to keep you cool at home.

Sattu Sharbat:

Sattu drink is one of the most famous sharbat in India. A refreshing and easy-to-make summer drink, sattu sharbat is made from roasted gram flour, colloquially known as sattu. Sattu Sharbat is one of the most leisurely summer drinks to make at home.

Mix sattu and sugar as per taste in water, and the drink is ready. One of the all-time cold drinks for summer, sattu sharbat is a treat for all ages. Sattu is among the incredible summer drinks to beat the heat and one of the most healthy homemade drinks. 

Aam Panna:

Aam Panna is another of the famous summer beverages in India. Typical for its khatta-meetha taste of kaccha mango, aam panna has become an all-time cooling drink for summer. It is a lip-smacking drink made from one of the favorite fruits of India – the Mango. The juice from the mango pulp is mixed with cold water, black pepper, black rock salt, roasted and powdered cumin seeds, and some mint leaves in appropriate quantities. Aam panna is one of the summer drinks to beat the heat by cooling the digestive system and keeping the body. 


Another contender for the top spot in the summer drinks list is Lassi. It is the go-to choice for refreshing non-alcoholic summer drinks. Easiest summer drink to be made at home, this smooth and creamy drink is made from curd or yogurt mixed in water and sugar. The best part is that any variation of the classic Lassi can also be made easily. You can simply drink it with sugar or create flavors by adding mint, avocado, mango, etc. The variation makes Lassi the best homemade summer drink in India. 


Jaljira is an excellent option for summer drinks to keep you cool. A simple mix of jaljeera powder and water is enough to satisfy your tangy cringe every day in summer. The Jaljeera powder is a simple mix of powdered cumin seeds, dried and crushed tamarind, and black salt. While mixing the powder in water, adding grated jaggery, some lemon juice, and a pinch of red chili powder will savor every taste bud. 

Lemonade (Nimbu Pani):

While you are reading this and find the word Nimbu Pani, you are sure that this drink will always be included in one of the best and easy summer drinks in India. Although this drink is favorable for any season, it is in high demand during summer. Simply made from lemon juice mixed in water with salt or sugar, lemonade is the easiest recipe. To top it all, the flavor of mint and the addition of spices like cumin and black pepper will add flavor to the lemonade and make the drink an exquisite experience. 

Sugarcane Juice:

Searching for summer drinks that help to beat the heat and provide many health benefits? Sugarcane juice is the best fit for the solution. A standard cooling drink for summer, sugarcane juice offers energy to the body, builds up plasma and body fluids, keeps you hydrated, and removes dullness. The ingredients are simply the juice from the sugarcane stick mixed with mint leaves and black salt. 

Coconut Water:

A sunny beach on a summer holiday. The picture is incomplete without a tiny umbrella coming out of a coconut. Coconut water is the best hydrating agent in summer and is perhaps the only drink available in water and milky form. Coconut water is a rich source of antioxidants and the simplest healthy and refreshing drink available or made at home.

These are some of the most basic non-alcoholic refreshing summer drinks. Apart from those, sparkling ginger ale, iced tea, and ginger beer are some of the best alcoholic beverages for summer. If you are looking for such refreshing drinks for your event menu, allow VINDOOS to be your catering partner. Contact +91-6361309324